Baggages info

Hand baggages

Only one piece of hand baggage and one accessory are allowed in the cabin.
The maximum dimensions of your baggage must not exceed H 40 x W 30 x D 20 cm per passenger. The weight of your baggage must not exceed 5 kg.

The accessory may be a handbag, briefcase, camera, laptop computer, or an item smaller than the dimensions given above.

The total weight of your cabin baggage and the accessory must not exceed 8 kg.


Checked baggages

Number of checked baggage items

The number of checked baggage items you can transport free of charge depends on your fare and cannot exceed 3 per person per flight. Your baggage information is displayed when you choose your flights.

Checked baggage size and weight

Checked baggage items must not exceed the dimensions: height + width + depth (including wheels and handles) = 158 cm maximum.

The maximum weight allowed per checked baggage item is 20 kg.