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inX is a dynamic company that works in business aviation.

Founded with the goal of providing high-quality service to our clients, inX offers a comfortable, safe, and personalized travel experience with a modern and well-maintained fleet composed of commercial planes and private jets.

Our roots are in business aviation, and we specialize in business and private flights, large corporate or group flights and sports team flights.

We take pride in our highly qualified team and extensive experience in the aviation industry, which allows us to offer customized solutions for every type of travel, from business trips to luxury vacations.

With our modern and well-maintained fleet, we guarantee a comfortable and safe travel experience that can satisfy even the most demanding requests. This way, you will reach your destination in comfort and style.

The Highest Level of Service

Give us the most challenging itinerary, and we will exceed your expectations.We are always trying to make the best possible flight experience for you

With us, fly higher!

Additional Services

Special catering

Special catering

Pre-book a five-star catering and enjoy the most delicious options whenever you please.


On-board events

Go beyond being just a passenger, we organize any kind of in-flight event such as partied and business meetings.

Empty legs

Fly any empty leg route for a discounted price, adjusting the flight details to best suit your needs.


Fly cards

Pre payed fly cards

With discount applied on the hourly rate