General Conditions of Carriage (GCC)

01. Terminology and application

  • “Carrier” means the flight operator selected for the flight route.
  • “Cabin or Hand Baggage” which is equivalent to hand luggage and includes all personal items taken onboard by a Passenger and is any Baggage that is not Hold Luggage.
  • “GCC” shall mean the following GeneralConditions of Carriage.
  • “Flight Price” means the amount paid orto be paid for the relevant Flight and (where applicable) may include additional all fees, taxes and/or surcharges.
  • “Flight” means a single flight operated by the Carrier from one airport to another airport.
  • “Flight Ticket” means the document issued with name of Carrier, details of flight schedule, booking confirmation number.
  • “Passenger(s)” or “You” means any person or persons, except members of crew, carried or to be carried in an aircraft with Carrier consent.

.02 Applicability, choice of law and jurisdiction

2.1 General
These GCC apply only on those flights, or flight segments, where the name of the Carrier is indicated on the Confirmation/Itinerary for that flight or flight segment.

2.2 Overriding law

2.2.1 These GCC are applicable unless they are inconsistent with applicable law in which event such law shall prevail.
2.2.2 If any provision of these GCC is invalid under any applicable law, the other provisions shall nevertheless remain valid to the extent that the remaining provisions are capable of standing without the provision ruled invalid.

2.3 Governing law and jurisdiction

Except as otherwise provided by the applicable law, these GCC shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Carrier’s jurisdiction and any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be subject to the Carrier’s Court jurisdiction.

2.4 Applicability
2.4.1 These GCC constitute a legal agreement between Passenger and Carrier. By using Carrier services, you are confirming that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms.
2.4.2 We may amend these Terms at any time at our discretion. If these Terms are amended, we shall inform you and you will be deemed to have accepted any amendments if you continue using Carrier Services.
2.4.3 If you do not accept all of these Terms then you should not use Carrier Services.

.03 Rights and obligations of carrier

3.1 Carrier will provide an aircraft maintained and equipped in compliance with the statutory regulations, as well as a crew qualified and authorized to perform the flight.
3.2 Carrier shall be issue and/or obtain all documents and licenses required to perform the flight, excepting the passengers’ personal entry and exit documents.
3.3 Carrier shall provide a standard selection of beverages and snacks on all flights. Individual wishes will be provided on board with surcharge and subject to availability and / advance request. Because of the technical equipment of the fleet no hot meals can be offered.
3.4 Carrier shall be responsible for issuing a master ticket, which is provided by the respective crew prior to commencement of the flight, for all passengers and/or all the baggage and/or freight to be conveyed.
3.5 Carrier will convey a passenger only subject to his/her submitting complete and valid travel documents. Carrier shall be entitled to refuse conveyance if the entry requirements of the country of destination are not fulfilled, or if the specific carriage document cannot be presented.
3.6 Carrier may refuse and/or terminate prematurely the conveyance of a passenger and/or his baggage, in particular, if:
• the aircraft, another passenger, or objects on board are put at risk;
• the crew are hindered in exercising their duties;
• instructions of the crew, especially with regard to smoking or the consumption of alcohol, are not complied with conveyance is in breach of applicable laws, applicable regulations or requirements of the country of departure or destination, or the country that is crossed by the aircraft;
• the passenger refuses checks of his/her person or his/her baggage, if such checks are required for reasons of safey
• the passenger cannot present and/or refuses to present valid travel documents;
• the Flight Price have not been paid;
• the passenger opposes the safety-related instructions of the crew;
• the passenger carries prohibited baggage with him/her.

3.7 For Safety and security reason, Carrier is entitled to change the route, flight schedule, seating capacity and maximum take-off weight if these are required under certain operational circumstances not caused by Carrier.The pilot in command shall at all times be entitled to take all necessary measures for safety reasons. The pilot has the authority to decide with regard to Passenger’s seating as well as baggage loading, allocation/placement and unloading. The pilot decides whether or not and how the flight is operated, he shall be entitled to postpone and/or abort departure for reasons of external influences (“Force majeure”) such as bad weather, in particular, and to decide, when and where the aircraft is to land. The same applies if the behaviour or the physical or mental condition of a Passenger requires extraordinary assistance on behalf of Carrier’s crew. Passenger hereby accepts all such decisions. Passenger agrees that when, in the reasonable view of Carrier or the pilot in command, safety or security may be compromised, Carrier or the pilot in command may decide to refuse to start or commence a flight, divert a flight or take other action necessitated by such safety considerations without liability for loss, injury, damage or delay.
3.8 Carrier will not accept liability for any damage incurred by the Passenger that may be caused by such a decision of the pilot in command or Carrier.

.04 Rights and obligations of the passenger

4.1 The Passenger shall be obligated to know these GCC, and the Passenger shall make sure that the safety regulations contained herein are complied with.
4.2 The Passenger shall be obligated to provide Carrier with all information required to perform the flight (such as the passenger name and other information regarding baggage in particular) in due time in order to permit a timely issuing of the transport documents.
4.3 The Passenger shall bring the Flight Ticket for the purpose of airport security check and shall show the Flight Ticket to the crew at the time of boarding.
4.4 The Passenger shall be responsible for the correctness and completeness of the data provided, as well as for all damages caused by incorrect or incomplete data.
4.5 The Passenger shall be obligated to ensure to have the required travel documents prior to commencement of the flight.
4.6 The Passenger is responsible to observe the passport and customs regulations, the regulations of health authorities and all other pertinent laws and regulations in the countries where landing is envisaged.
4.7 Any costs and fines imposed as a consequence of non-compliance with these provisions, laws and regulations shall be borne by the Passenger, and Carrier shall be indemnified and held harmless in this respect.
4.8 All passengers on board of the aircraft shall follow the instructions of the crew.
4.9 Passenger shall appear at the airport in good time, but not later than 20 minutes before the scheduled departure, so as to ensure the timely departure and/or the use of a reserved slot.
4.10 The Passenger is responsible that no dangerous or prohibited baggage is taken on board.

.05 Baggage and freight

5.1 Passengers and their Baggage will be subjected to security screening at the airport.
5.2 To ensure that all the baggage can be taken on board, Passenger shall observe the baggage limit per person agreed with the Carrier:
• any handbag, briefcase and/or laptop bag must be carried as Cabin Baggage within the allowance of one permitted piece of Cabin Baggage. Due to restrictions on available space in the aircraft cabin on busy flights, Carrier reserves the right to place any Cabin Baggage in the hold;
5.3 It is at the discretion of Carrier to additionally lower the above mentioned baggage limit, if this should be necessary for reasons of safety and/or for legal reasons because of the number of passengers or of the flight to be performed.
5.4 Carrier may also refuse to carry the baggage if for the Baggage in excess or extra-size Baggage.
5.5 The transportation of larger or heavier pieces of baggage, any sports equipment or musical instruments than above specified shall be requested in advance.
5.6 Carrier shall be entitled to use the part of payload not utilized by Passenger or its own purposes.
5.7 The transportation of animals is generally prohibited, unless separately requested in advance.
5.8 The transportation of hazardous material is prohibited.
5.9 The Customer, as well as all passengers of the aircraft, are not allowed to take along the following objects:

• Objects that might endanger the plane, equipment on board, or people. This includes, in particular, explosives, compressed gases, oxidizing, radioactive, caustic or magnetizing material, highly flammable material, toxic or aggressive materials, and also all kinds of liquid substances, i.e. all objects or substances that are classified as hazardous material according to the provisions of the dangerous goods regulation;
• Objects that are not suitable for transportation because of their weight, size or nature;
• All kinds of weapons, especially fire arms, cutting or thrust. Weapons, as well as containers under gas pressure that might be used for purposes of attack or defense;
• Electronic devices shall be switched off or in flight mode if available before departure and landing.

.06 Special assistance

Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility are not refused carriage on the basis of such disability or reduced mobility. Acceptance for carriage of young persons travelling alone, incapacitated persons, pregnant women, persons with illness, blind or visually impaired passengers or other people requiring special assistance is subject to specific prior arrangement during the Flight booking process.